Bullying Prevention

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Action Plan 2020/2021

Providing students with an opportunity to learn and develop in a safe and respectful society is a shared responsibility in which the board and our schools play an important role. Schools with bullying prevention and intervention strategies foster a positive learning and teaching environment that supports academic achievement for all students and that helps students reach their full potential. Bullying prevention and intervention strategies must be modeled by all members of the school community.

from HDSB Bullying Prevention and Intervention Administrative Procedure

Definition of Bullying

Bullying means aggressive and typically repeated behaviour by a student where,

a) the behaviour is intended, or the student ought to know that the behaviour would be likely to have that effect of,

  • causing fear or distress to another individual, including physical, psychological, social or academic harm, harm to the person’s reputation or property, or
  • creating a negative environment at the school for another individual, and

b) the behaviour occurs in a context where there is a real or perceived power imbalance between the pupil and the individual based on factors such as size, strength, age, intelligence, peer group power, economic status, social status, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, family circumstances, gender, gender identity, gender expression, race, disability or the receipt of special education.

Bullying behaviour includes the use of any physical, verbal, electronic, written or other means. For the purposes of the definition of bullying, bullying by electronic means (commonly known as cyber-bullying), including, creating a web page or blog in which the creator assumes the identity of another person or impersonating another person as the author of content or messages posted on the internet; communicating material electronically to more than one individual or posting material on a web-site that may be accessed by one or more individuals

from Accepting Schools Act 2012



School : Montclair P.S.

Principal or Vice Principal : Evelyn Quist (P), Mrs. Maria Solomon-Dias (VP)

Teacher : Veena Mann (SERT), Tanya Nicol (Teacher)

Non-Teaching Staff : Sandi Glen-Sakaluk (CYC)

Parent : Ms. Karen Goodfellow

Community Partner : Linda Lambert (PHN)



Maria Solomon-Dias (VP), Veena Mann (SERT)

Email address


Types of bullying that exist in our school

(as identified through school based data and information)

Have Your Say Data (2017-2018):

  • Sense of Belonging: 66% (Board @ 69%)
  • Working with Others: 67% (Board @ 70%)
  • Working through Issues and Arguments with Peers: 71% (Board @ 74%)
  • Students treating each other with Respect: 62% (Board @ 66%)

TTFM Data (2016-2017):

21% of students were victims of moderate to severe bullying in the previous month (Canadian norm 26%); 14% of girls and 25% of boys were victims of moderate to severe bullying in previous month (Canadian Norms: 26% for girls and 26% for boys). 51% of students felt safe (Canadian norm 68%) and 48% of girls and 63% of boys felt safe attending school (Canadian norm for girls was 67% and boys was 68%). 69% of students had a high sense of belonging (Canadian norm is 83%). 24% of students had moderate to high levels of anxiety (Canadian norm was 16%). Student rated disciplinary climate of the classroom 5.8 out of 10 (Canadian norm was7.4)

School Bullying Prevention SMART Goal

  • 100% of students will report a positive learning climate (The norm is 7.5)
  • 0% of students will report that bullying occurs at school (Canadian average is 45%)

Bullying Prevention and Awareness Strategies/Curricular Connections/Activities

(for whole school, and those students at risk of bullying behaviours)

Second Step Program (CYC involvement), Montclair Student Parliament - provides representation across the School from grades 4-8 and provides opportunities to shape the culture and climate of the school as well as build global citizenship. Developmental Assets work with our Grade 7 & 8 and White Oaks Secondary students (WOSS Leadership Opportunities with Grade 5, 2 & 3); CPS, Restorative Practices in classrooms (CYC involvement), Students play Hurry Up music over the PA system to clear the halls. Students have many opportunities to play an active role in the reporting of, reflection on and restorative nature of concerning behaviour in an effort to share leadership opportunities and provide opportunities for accountability in creating and maintaining Montclair's culture (Student Announcers, Office Helpers, DPA Initiative re: Health, Kindergarten Helpers, Student Voice, Pizza orders/helpers, Sign maintenance, etc). Kelso’s Choice modelled and reinforced (Primary Grades), PALS, Celebration of Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week, International Day of Pink, Celebration of Mental Health Week, Culture Fair, RIght to Play, Big Brothers/Big Sisters (Homework Club, GLOW Girls, Game On, Adventure Club, In-School Mentoring), Staff PD Opportunities (e.g. Lunch and Learns, Developmental Assets, Anxiety), Silent Mentoring, Spirit Days

Bullying Intervention and Support Strategies

(for individuals who cause harm, are impacted by harm and are witness to harm)

Students, Staff and Parents are partners in the process to report bullying. Acknowledge incidents in a timely fashion Ensure safety of all Gather information Engage students who are involved in Problem Solving recording Ask questions Investigate Make a plan Follow up Counsel students Support students in Restorative Practice when appropriate Develop and reflect on Behaviour Plans where appropriate and inform Parents Document Specific actions reflecting on Progressive Discipline and Bill 157, when appropriate., “Buddy Bench” announcements/reminders,

Training Resources and Outreach Strategies for Members of the School Staff, Parents and Community

Community Liason Officer (B.R.A.V.O), CYC (Child Youth Counsellor & Public Health Nurse), BOOK’s Initiative with Halton Police, CAS Home and School/School Council sponsored evening information sessions, guest speakers, community events, Big Brothers/Big Sisters After School Homework Big Brothers, Big Sisters/Glow Girls/Big Brothers/Game On, Big Sisters One on One Mentoring, Student Parliament Student Helpers for Announcements, Office Helpers, Breakfast Program, Before School Reading Program, Kindergarten Helpers, School Ambassadors, Eco Team Extracurricular athletics, arts, academic Collection, review and sharing of Tell Them From Me Survey & Have Your Say, data Collection and reflection of behaviour data collected through School Team, SRT and Office sources Targeted social Skill development programs (Second Step, Kelso, DA, Mindfulness), “Montclair Times”, Partnership with White Oaks Secondary School

Bullying Prevention and Awareness Responsibilities for:


Staff will establish a positive culture in each classroom reflective of agreed upon norms of behaviour, clear expectations, Code of Conduct and a lens of equity (Cultural, Gender). Ensure they are diligent when providing Supervision during natural breaks in the day to address reported on locations of bullying. Be present in the hallways during all transition times. Escort students to their next learning destination when they need to move classes. Develop a routine of reflecting on Students' feelings of safety and belonging (Community Circles with CPS language), “Morning Welcomes”


Students will participate in the development of classroom culture norms. Hold themselves accountable for abiding by the norms of the classroom and those of the Montclair Community in general. Participate openly and honestly in the reporting of bullying and the Problem Solving reflections that might be involved including using the online reporting tool. Supporting the new online reporting tool (provide further information to student and via Montclair Times, announcements, etc.)


Parents will be represented on the SSAT Committee and informed of the Actions and Interventions concerning safety and well being. Supporting the online reporting tool listed on our website (consider providing further information to parents and via Montclair Times)

Monitoring and Review Process/Timelines

This plan has/will be shared with staff and parents via:

  • Staff Meeting
  • School Council Meeting
  • Newsletter
  • School Website (required)
  • Other - (e.g. Montclair Times)

Resources/Reference: Safe and Inclusive Schools Policy

HDSB Admin Procedure Bullying Prevention and Intervention

HDSB Admin Procedure Positive School Climate

TTFM Survey

Safe Schools Social Workers

Public Health Nurses